Historian - Three Poems

by Historian

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released November 15, 2013



all rights reserved


Little Norway Productions Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

Rebirth of the small label from Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria. After 8 years we are starting again to release all the bands and projects that N. and his friends are working on. Soon to come: Inspell's 3rd album entitled "Murder tales: I confess", Schadenfreude and Fallen Art debuts and many more!
Stay tuned!
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Track Name: To Vinland...
To Vinland they sailed!
To Glory and Death!
Valhalla awaits them!
Vikings on raid!

In this freezing day,
on the battlefield,
there they stand so still,
in their dying time.
Feeling no remorse
of the clash they fought,
awaiting the Valkyries
to send them to Valhalla.

Odin's eye is on them
they know it is true
in these forests so strange
on this distant west land

They came as raiders
and *they* found wild men
with weird clothes and faces
wielding bow and short axe

To Vinland they sailed!
To Glory and Death!
Valhalla awaits them!
Vikings on raid!

The Vikings cried out loud
to call the strenght of Thor
and with the fire of war
bursting through their veins
hacked and slashed enemies
almost won the battle
but they were so few
brave as hell but outnumbered

So they lost and died
but with honor and pride
They won their place in Valhalla
on the shores of Vinland!

To Vinland they sailed!
To Glory and Death!
Valhalla awaits them!
Vikings on raid!
Track Name: Ninlil
Beckon the great watcher down from the sky
Behold behold

Fertile in the breeze
We call upon your gift

Do not fight the wind
Let it fill the room
Herald death and moon

We lamenters lay in line
Summoning the air in coils
May the waters carry us beyond

Our great goddess Ninlil
Who spat out deathbringer and their caretaker
Who spawned the great body and waters under its sway

The words come alive in space
Refreshing and choking they swirl
Carried from our feet in solemn rapture

Our song is echoing loud
Violent concussive blasts
She answers now our cal
Track Name: Bushido
Autumn wind of eve,
blow away the clouds that mass
over the moon's pure light

and the mists that cloud our mind,
do thou sweep away as well.

Now we disappear,
well, what must we think of it?

From the sky we came.
Now we may go back again.

That's at least one point of view.

Could not return, I presume,
So I will keep my name
Among those who are dead with bows.

My life
came like dew
disappears like dew.
All of Naniwa
is dream after dream.